AMEK Angela Blue 28x24x2

AMEK BC-II 12x4x2


MCI JH 16 - 2" 16 track w/quior, transformers, autolocator III        

Ampex ATR 102 Stereo mastering deck 1/4 w/Walting Bear Audio mods

Ampex 440C Stereo mixdown deck 1/4

Tascam RA1000HD hard disk recorder

Tascam CD-RW9000sl recorder

Mac Pro 8 core with Symphony64

Pro Tools 10 w/ many plugins(Waves, SoundToys.Slate)

Cranesong Hedd 192 AD/DA converter

Apogee AD16X converter

Apogee DA16X converter x 2 (32 out)

Apogee AD 500 converter


ATC SCM20 ASL pro mkI 

Westlake Audio BBSM 10's

Yamaha NS 10's

JBL 4311B's

Fostex T20 headphones (6) 


Bryston 4BST

Halfler P3000

Halfler P1500



Bricasti M7

Echoplate III plate reverb

Masteroom XL 305 Spring Reverb

Masteroom CSR series Spring Reverb (external tanks)

Ursa Major 323 Stargate

Eventide H3000

Lexicon PCM 70

Lexicon Prime Time

Roland Space Echo

Delta Lab ADM 1024 effectron  X (2)

Yamaha SPX 90

Systech 4000A Flanger

Maestro Phase Shifter 

Mutron III Envelope filter

Electrix Mo-FX

Electrix FilterQueem

Electrix EQ Killer

MFOS dual phaser



Pre Amps

Neve 1272/modded by JLM audio to 1290's (2)

Siemens V72 (2) racked by Marquette Audio

API 3124  4 channel

Chandler TG2

D.W. Fearn VT-2 two channel tube preamp

John Hardy M-1   2 channel

RCA OP6 tube preamp

RCA OP7 4 channel tube mixer

Altec 1567A tube mixer

Intersound preamp

Avalon U5 DI /pre

Cloudlifter CL-2

Radial passive direct box

Radial EXTC reamp

Radial X-amp reamp

D.W. Fearn stereo pad box

Westlake audio direct box


Pultec Eqp 1s

Lang Peq 2 x (2)

Nightpro NTI Eq3

Api 550b    X (2)

Altec 9072A passive graphic

Urei 535  stereo graphic  (modded)


Thermionic Culture Phoenix SB

Chandler RS124  x (2) stepped pair

 Urei 1176 rev f  x (2)

 Urei la 3's    x (2)

 Urei la 4   x (2) 

API 2500 bus compressor

Chandler TG 1 Limiter

ADR Compex 2   x (2)

Gates Sta Level modded by Retro

DBX 161's  VU   x (2)

DBX 160x     x(2)

Dept. of Commerce CA-1589A tube limiter

Drawmer DL241

Empirical Labs DerrEsser

GSSL 4000 Clone / DBX 202 gold cans

Mossely and Associates T140 Limiter

Aphex 612 stereo gate



'67 Fender Showman with 2x15 cab and 2x12 cab

'60s Ampeg B18N fliptop amp

Benson  amplifiers  Vinny

Supro 1x6" Guitar Amp

Vox AC-15

Roland Jazz Chorus JC-90

Silvertone twin twelve

Ashdown 180 bass amp










Flea 47 tube microphone

Neumann U87 (70's) 

Neumann KM86i (x2)

AKG 414 EB, CK12 capsule (x2)

AKG 451E  CK1 capsule


Sony C-37A tube

Sony C-500



Altec 165 tube lipstick with 21b capsules (2)

Altec 639b ribbon

Coles 4038 ribbon

Beyer 201

Sennheiser 421 U5  (x2)

Electrovoice RE20

Electrovoice  635A (x2)

Electrovoice RE 15

Electrovoice 660

Electrovoice RE10 (x2)

Electrovoice DS 35 (x2)

Electrovoice 664

Electrovoice PL9

Electrovoice PL11

Crown PZMs  (x2)

Shure Unidyne 545's (x2)

Shure 55

Audix D3

Auricon salt shaker 


Hammond M3 organ with Leslie 

Hazelton Brothers Upright piano

Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano

Fender Rhodes Mark I 88-keys

Arp Omni 2

Farfisa Professional Duo

National Reed organ

Jaymar Toy Piano

1940s Ludwig / Leedy Marimba

E-MU Vintage Keys Module

E-MU Proteus Module

Casio SK1

Casio CT-360

'67 Ludwig Drums

'71 Fender Jazz Bass

Music Man Sting Ray 5 string bass

Gretch Short Scale Bass

Magnetone Lap Steel

3/4 Upright bass

Gibson J-200

Fender Stratocaster

Fender Telecaster

Fender Squier Bass VI

'67 Gibson ES 125

Gibson SG

Danelectro 12 string

Danelectro Baritone

'70s Greco Mandolin

Kay Kraftsman

Ludwig Tenor Banjo

Harmony Roy Smeck banjo

Maestro Rythm King

Alesis HR16

Marching Bells

Auto Harp