Merō (Hands)

Other Lives

Jesse Tabish

Radiation City

Joseph  (Native Dreamer Kin)

Ezza Rose (No Means No)

Bootes Void (Cave Paintings)

Tokyo Police Club


Old Wave

Matt Dorrien

Chris Frisina

Danny Donnelly

Tango Alpha Tango

Blitzen Trapper

Shearwater/Sub Pop/Danny Reisch

Sandy Loam

Wake Up Cult

Parsons Red Heads (Blurred Harmony)

Liz Vice

Norman (Buzz & Fade)

Del Phoena

Anna Tivel

Josh White

No Kind of Rider

Evan Way

Braille / Humble Beast records

Beautiful Eulogy/ Humble Beast records

Josh Garrells



Wesley Randolf Eader

Chuck Westmoreland

Outbound Traveller


The Breaking Yard

Mike Coykendall

Ruby Feathers 


Verner Pantons

Catherine Feeny and Sebastian Rogers


Matt Catenelli (Don of Division)

Vikesh Kooper

Jeff Saltzman

Ben Michel

Kathyrn Claire

The Yellers

Jerry Joseph/Greg Williams

Amelia (recorded by Mike Coykendall)

Rob Rainwater

Scott Fisher



Caleb Klauder

Kevin Burke

Willy Vlautin (from Richmond Fontaine)

Little Sue (Crow)

Nathan Trueb

Luther Russell

M. Ward (recorded by Mike Coykendall)

The Flatirons

Maria Callahan

Warren Pash

Neil Irani

Rollie Tussing and the Diminished 7's

Casey Neil

David Lipkind

Dave Mullany

Imago Dei

The Dolomites

Cul an ti